Our Story

From: Baltimore, MD

Ray began his musical career ten years ago when he picked up the bass and found out he had love for the heavier side of music. Having honed his skills in several Baltimore local hard rock and metal groups such as Pan De Mortos and Monkey Knife Fight, Ray became quite formidable on the bass and his ear was just amazing. In late 2010, Ray decided to answer a social media ad seeking to form a band, left by Omar. The ad merely said, "Let's take over the world..."  Bored with the same ol' " My influences include blah, blah, blah" - Ray was sold. And just like that Lovey was founded. They quickly added a drummer then singer and began to write music and tour locally. For Ray, however, though he loved his singer's voice and talent, heard another voice, another sound, something other worldly, something he couldn't out his finger on but something different nonetheless. Ray had always sang back ups in Lovey but now not only was he hearing a new voice but the whole band was hearing a new voice...HIS voice!  It wasn't long before he would get his chance to shine as Lovey parted ways with it's original vocalist and drummer. Determined yet humble Ray steps up and becomes not only Lovey's bassist but now its storyteller and vocalist. Ray and Omar set out to find the perfect drummer for their sound and find a kindred soul in Darin. The rest is history...in the present.

"I love that our sound is so hard to pin down yet so heavy, means we're doing something right, if you ask me"

From: Philadelphia, PA

Omar has been infatuated with heavy metal and the electric guitar since discovering the instrument in 1992. Informally trained and mostly self-taught, Omar set out to make his own music and began playing semi pro in local heavy metal and hard rock acts. Moving to Philadelphia in 1993 he firmly cemented himself in the Philly hard rock and metal scene, culminating in his lead guitar player position for Philly southern death metal juggernauts Sutter Cane in 2005. Their run in Phillly was monumental and saw the band and Omar opening for Amon Amarth, Suicide Silence, D.R.I. , Skeletonwitch, Drowning Pool, and a slew of other national acts. The band was doing great but not being content with only being a lead guitar player, but wanting to be more of a writer, Omar began to set off on a musical journey. Needing a fresh start and a band that was wholly his vision, and after an amicable split from Sutter Cane, Omar packs his family up and moves to Baltimore, MD in 2010. By 2011 He had founded Lovey with Ray Donaldson, and after several years of lineup changes and several false starts, Darin Young enters as permanent drummer, Ray steps up and becomes not only the bassist but now the bassist AND vocalist. What you get now is a trim three piece with every member pushing the limits of their instruments. The vision was now complete.

"Can't imagine doing what I love so much without these dudes, we are a helluva team and a band I'm proud of..."

From: Edgewood, MD

Darin has been pounding the drums since the age of ten, playing all types of genres of music.  Studied and graduated from the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Music, majored in Jazz Percussion and minored in Piano.  Studied under and attended master classes with Alfonso Young, Zoro, and Will Calhoun.  Played, recorded, and toured with bands such as SOLUS, Leftstronger, OFFICIAL, Pocket Deep, and many other bands for over twenty years.  Darin is also a combat veteran, U.S. Marine Corps (Iraq & Liberia). 

"I love to rock with Omar and Ray and yes it's true what you heard....Lovey has big...aspirations, what? what did ya think I was gonna say?"