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The band "Lovey" has been getting a lot of attention lately...”

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Lovey has been slugging it out in the clubs of Baltimore/DC/Philly for a few years, they are now as a unit, releasing their debut EP on Manta Ray Records titled “Seppuku” Seppuku is the Japanese term for ritual suicide,which makes sense considering this record disembowels the listeners eardrums with heavy drums and grinding riffs. ”

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After signing with Baltimore indie label, Manta Ray Records in 2016, Lovey has really taken the proverbial bull by the horns! Having toured extensively in 2016 to support their EP Seppuku, released that year, the three members strived to hone their live show to near perfection. They immediately went back into the studio to record "Attention Deficit", a follow up single to their debut EP, also released on Manta ray Records in April of 2017. Lovey continues to write and tour, constantly seeking to get the music out anywhere it can be heard, be it in the digital online music marts, or submissions to media outlets and video game companies, online and terrestrial radio stations alike - Lovey music is coming!

Three Song EP released on Manta Ray Records 2016

Three Song EP released on Manta Ray Records 2016

Hard rock/metal band, Lovey was forged in the mind of guitarist Omar Marshall while in Philadelphia...the concept of Lovey was realized in Baltimore in 2010 when a chance social media ad brought him in contact with bassist/vocalist and Baltimore native Ray Donaldson. Throughout various lineups and finding their sound, they solidified their three piece ruckus of a heaviness when they found hard-hitting drummer, Darin Young in 2015. The three of them have gone on to share their love of music, pop culture, and all things heavy in their songwriting and performances. With their sound hard to pin down to any one style...the constant signature is heavy riffage and raw emotion wrapped up in brutal story telling...behold LOVEY!

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Social:, Instagram - @loveytheband, Twitter - @loveythband

Label: Manta Ray Records